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Pine Tree Christmas Sachet's

When I was younger for Christmas one year my sister gave our family these sachets that were filled with pine tree needles and to this day they still have that pine tree Christmas smell, it is amazing. We had a bunch of extra Christmas tree branches that were cut off so that the trunk would fit into the tree stand, and after making garlands and wreaths with these tree branches, I still had extra left over. So, I decided what better way to give everyone a little gift of Christmas, then by giving them the gift of these Christmas tree smelling sachets!


1. Burlap Favor bags

2. Christmas Tree needles

3. Pliers/ scissors

4. Ribbon (optional)

I chose the burlap favor bags because I liked the look and i'm planning on adding Christmas plaid ribbon around them to make them more festive. If you want to be extra crafty, choose a winter fabric, cut it into squares and sew the bags up to fill with the pine needles. That is for the experienced diy'er, but we are going to keep it simple in this post!

To start, you need to trim off all of the needles from the tree branches.

Once you have them all ready, you may need to cut them in half so they fit in the bags. Then your going to stuff them inside the bags until they're filled and plump.

Secure the bags closed and that's really it.

For mine I cut and tied a small piece of ribbon around them all to make them more festive.

Remember, it's always the personal gifts that you create yourself that people remember the most and this is a simple gift that I made this year for each of my family members to remind them of the joy's of Christmas! This idea can be used for more than just a christmas gift, I'm thinking of making some essential oil ones with rice instead of pine needles, diy to come.


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