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Painted holiday themed mason jars

Want to decorate for Christmas but don't feel like spending too much money, use mason jars! Most of us have some lying around the house but to buy they are very inexpensive. One of the easiest things to do to decorate them is to paint them.

There are so many things you can do with mason jars they are the most versatile crafting object. For Christmas especially they become the focal point for your holiday decorating.

For this example I bought three holiday colors at Michaels, they were Folkart paint in Chalk finish. I prefer the chalk paint matte look for mason jars instead of something shiny, just acrylic paint will do.


1. Paint brushes

2. Acrylic paint in chalk/matte finish

3. Mason jars.

4. Sand block /sandpaper - optional

To start, begin by painting the bottom of the mason jar and working your way up that way your able to hold the top and paint at the same time. Depending on the color you may need more than one coat, I normally choose to do two coats of paint regardless.

For much of the decor I craft I prefer a distressed finish which is so simple to achieve! You just take a little bit of sand paper or a sand block and rough up some of the edges. You can choose to spray the mason jars with a polyurethane spray to set the paint, this just adds a longer lasting finish that is set, but is completely optional.

For christmas I also did this buffalo plaid design on one mason jars which proved to be more difficult and time consuming but came out great. These make a perfect centerpiece by just adding in some florals or even some festive wreath pick items. They are such a quick and easy diy that anyone can do !


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