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Mason Jar Snow Globes!

The idea of making a mason jar snow globe looks pretty difficult, but I will be the first to tell you that this project was super easy, and turned out so cool! I used water to fill these, so no fancy chemicals involved and it turned out just fine. I also used different sized mason jars depending on how big the decorative items that were going inside were, as long as the items are waterproof they will be fine inside the jars.


1. Mason Jar

2. Decorative item for inside

3. Glitter

4. Hot glue gun

To start this project measure out what mason jars your going to use based on whats going inside of them.

Position the decorative item on the top of the mason jar lid and make sure the width fits. If it fits, then you want to glue it.

Add hot-glue to the bottom of the decorative item and press onto the lid and hold for a few seconds. Continue this with any other items going on the lids. I found it best to use the wide mouth jars if you have more than one decorative item inside. To be safe, let this dry for at least an hour.

Next your going to fill up the jar with water and make sure you fill it up all the way to the top. When you put the top on the jar, the water will spill out but that's okay because we want to make sure that it pushes only the amount of water it needs out. This is because if the jar isn't totally full with water then you can see that air pocket at the top when you flip it over, and it looks unfinished.

Next we add the sparkle! Add glitter into the top of the jar and test out the amount by putting on a spare top and shaking. I used a generous amount of glitter because I wanted to achieve the snow globe look.

Once your satisfied with the look of the glitter your going to put it all together and put the top on and secure the lid by twisting it tight!

Remember if it doesn't look right, you can always take it off and add more of whatever you need, that's why this idea is so simple!

To store: When it comes to storing these items after the season is over, drain the jar of all the water and let the top dry out, I suggest doing this rather than leaving them full with water. This ensures that the item wont become unglued over time.

That's it, these turned out so beautiful and they really are very simple to make. This is a great diy to get the kids involved in because who doesn't want to make their own snow globe?!

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