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Make your own Christmas Wreath

Here is my second take on using those leftover Christmas tree branches. After we got our Christmas tree, like many others, we needed to cut off some of the bottom branches so that the tree fit into the tree stand. So Christmas tree is up, but what to do with all these leftover branches! Well if you follow my blog, my previous post was about how to use these branches to make a beautiful garland. That's the great thing about these branches, you can use them for so many things, as you will see that's what I plan to do. Another great thing about this project is that if you have the Christmas tree then you have 90% of the project materials, you only need the tree branches, wire, a wreath frame and plier cutters.

This project is environmentally friendly because your using left over pieces, its saving money and most importantly it smells amazing!


1. Tree branches

2. Wire

3. Metal wreath frame

4. Plier cutters

5. Decorative wreath picks (optional)

To start your going to cut the tree branches into smaller pieces. I cut a bunch into about 1/2 foot pieces. To make sure the wreath looks symmetrical you want most of the branches to be pointing in the same direction, so trim off any branches that are sticking out the wrong way. The branches in the materials image shows the branches before they are cut into smaller pieces. This all depends on the size you want your wreath to be, I stuck to 4" to about 8" pieces.

Then your going to start sticking the pieces into the wreath frame. For this frame I simply put the branch under one ring and over the next so it was nice and secure. Then you can alternate the ring with the next branch, and just slide the pieces tightly next to each other. Your basically just feeding them into the wreath, over under, over under, and then pushing them close to each other. In some cases the wreath frame would show and you just want to cut smaller pieces and stick them into the wreath where need be.

This is what the wreath should end up looking like. I made sure that the branches were all facing the same direction so it had a uniform look. After I hung the wreath I added in some Christmas wreath picks that I had around the house to give the wreath some color. Another great idea is to add lights, battery pack ones work the best for this kind of project so you can just stick the pack in the back of the wreath.

Thats it! Super simply Christmas Project that's useful and smells so amazing!!


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