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Make your own Christmas Garland using your Christmas Tree branches!

After my family got our Christmas Tree this year, there were a bunch of left over branches that were cut off in order for the tree to fit into the tree stand. It felt like a shame to throw these branches away, they were perfectly fine and smelled so amazing! So, I decided I wanted to make a garland for over our french doors. This diy did take some patience because it requires you to wire tie each branch together, but rest assured it is so worth it.

The best part about this project is if you buying a Christmas tree then you already have 90 % of the materials. You only need wire and pliers to cut the branches, so this makes it super easy and a great way to reuse those expendable branches!

Lets get started!


1. Tree branches

2. Wire

3. Plier cutters

To begin you want to cut the branches into about 1 foot long pieces, and what I tried to do was cut them so that they all were branched out in a similar direction. So if one branch was sticking out the other way, just cut that branch off.

See the image to get an idea of how big to cut each piece.

I also pre cut 3/4 inch pieces of wire to use so it would be quicker once i got started.

Keep in mind some needles will fall out so it can be a but messy.

Here's an image of how you want to place the two branches, the one will be added about halfway up the first. This gives it a thick layered look. So basically the branches from the second branch are going to cover the stem of the bottom one.

You just take the wire and your going to wrap it and then twist the ends together, so it pulls the two branches tightly.

To make the garland extra secure I tied a wire at the bottom and then another tie where the branches were at the top, this ensures that the branches aren't flailing around.

So this shows a close up of how to tie the wire.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many types of Christmas trees have different coloring on the top and bottom of their branches. In this case the top was dark green but the underneath of the branches was more of a light blue green ( seen in this picture). Meaning that you want to make sure the branches are all facing the right direction, you don't want there to be a few branches upside down because it will really stick out.

Then you just connect, connect, connect until you get the desired length that you want. For me I needed to make it pretty long if I was going to go over and down the sides of the doorway.

Time to add lights!

Like everything else diy, everything looks better when lights are added. I took an unused string of clear Christmas lights and threw them over the garland. It was too fragile to twist them around, i think it looks prettier when they're all kind of bunched in the garland.

Once the lights are added the finished product really comes together. its a great addition to add on top of the fireplace or over any doorway! And like I mentioned before you don't need much to make this, if your cutting off branches of your tree regardless then why throw them away when you can use them to make a beautiful garland, and believe me a little goes a long way!

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