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Make your own Christmas Centerpiece

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

With just a few materials you can easily make your own Christmas arrangement. Don't be afraid to dive into this project and make your own. The christmas centerpieces sold in stores are crazy expensive. And lets face it there not hard to make so save your money, and follow my instructions on how to make this at home! At the moment there are so many Christmas sales going on so its the perfect time to buy an assortment of wreath picks/ garland for a low price. These centerpieces bring such warmth and coziness into a room and all I get is compliments on how beautiful they are. People are always so surprised that this was homemade and not store bought, thats how great these turn out.

Lets get started!


1. Decorative box/ Wooden crate

2. Christmas wreath picks/ garland

3. Dry flower foam brick

4. Lights/ Ribbon ( optional)

1. Choose a decorative box or wooden crate that fits your space. Stick the foam brick in the bottom of the box. Looking at the picture to the left, you can see I used a brick that was about half the length of the box, this size works fine.

2. Start sticking the wreath picks into the foam brick, make sure to stick the end pieces pointing out so you cant see into the arrangement. If theres empty space, your going to use the garland to wrap into those spaces and fill the gaps. Continue this until the arrangement is full.

3. Personally, I feel that when lights are added to the arrangement it brings a cozy vibe, so for this project I used a small string of led lights and stuck them throughout the arrangement. Another great addition could be candles instead of the lights!

4. Because I used a wooden crate, there was open space in the front that needed to be covered. I chose a beautiful plaid ribbon and wrapped this around my crate to cover it. Even if you use a decorative box I still feel that the ribbon adds a beautiful touch.

Its that simple, Id love to see everyones centerpiece that they make, make sure to add your images below and comment with any questions!


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