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Lantern Christmas scene

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Instead of doing the normal Christmas village scene, choose your favorite village pieces and showcase them by staging the scene inside of a lantern. I love the idea of using lanterns in different ways. I have blog posts that showcase them with candles inside, and ornaments, whatever you choose to put inside of them always looks so nice. I dont have the whole Christmas village set but I have always loved the idea of setting a village up. So with this idea I was able to have my smal village without it looking out of place without the rest of the village parts.

Change it up this year with a Christmas village scene inside of lanterns or glassware instead of the normal set up. The way that this scene is enclosed makes it very neat.


1. Lantern / Glass box

2. Decorations ( figurines, structures, characters, trees)

3. Fake snow

4. glue gun optional

1. To start, make sure the location you are setting up your lantern is the final spot for it because once you start decorating you don't want to move it around. I learned the hard way with this by setting it all up and then realizing I need to move it to the table, at which time most of the inside pieces toppled over!

I added the fake snow at the bottom first.

2. Then position the figurines inside, I started with the houses/ lanterns then added in the trees and figurines at the end.

3. To make sure that everything stays sturdy you can hot glue the items to the base. This also depends on what kind of snow you bought. Loose snow can be added after the items are on the surface so that's its not underneath anything. The village pieces i purchases were already lit up but to make these holiday pieces stand out more make sure to add lights!

These lantern decorations truly look so beautiful side by side like this. Its also great for when you don't want the kids touching your Christmas Village set up, it keeps everything safe and sound!

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