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DIY Rustic Mason Jar Key Holder!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

As someone who likes to incorporate mason jars into their whole life, I wanted to add one to a boring key holder to make it a beautiful entrance way piece!

This rustic mason jar key holder is so simple to make for those looking to add a statement piece to their entrance way, or give as a unique housewarming gift!

“ The best part about this design is its ability to be transformed into so many styles, use your creativity to make yours reflect your personal style! ”


  1. Mason Jar

  2. Paint & paint brushes

  3. Wooden sign

  4. Hooks 

  5. Wire 

  6. Decorative flowers

  7. Steel wool or file 

  8. Hose clamp

  9. Drill 

1. Lets start by painting your mason jar, depending on the look you may need to layer up.

2. Once the paint is dried, your ready to distress the jar. Your going to take steel wool or whatever kind of file/sander that you have. I suggest starting with a small area underneath or in the back of the jar so that if you take too much paint off it wont be noticeable. However remember if you do distress it too much you can always add more paint at the end. I find it best to distress the letters and the rims of the jar.

3. Once your satisfied with the look your going to move on to painting the wooden board. This part is another way to reflect your style. I used three different colors of grey to give it a real weathered look.

4. While this is drying you are going to attach your hose clamp to the mason jar. Put the clamp around the top of the jar and tighten by twisting, make sure to have the tightening part in the back so it is hidden.

5. Your now going to attach your wire underneath and around the twist part of the clamp.

6. Drill two holes into the wood, about 1/2 inch apart on a location a bit below the middle height of the board.

7. Put the wire through the holes and twist at the back so that the jars weight is resting on the twist.

8. To finish position your hooks in the desired location and just twist them into shape. I put three, but depending on the size/people you can use more or less.

9. Add flowers to finish the decoration and voila!

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