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DIY Leaf Wreath

For this fall leaf wreath I used an autumn themed leaf garland which makes this whole project easy because all the hard work is done for you. I love making holiday themed wreaths and whats easier than one thats all ready to be put together. I added lights to make this really shine!

This project takes less than 15 minutes to finish, its easy and looks beautiful.


1. Grapevine wreath

2. Leaf garland

3. Lights

1. This project is extremely simple. Your going to start by securing the end of the garland to the wreath, then start wrapping.

2.Your going to take the garland and wrap some of the leaves underneath and through the garland so its secure. You want to make sure that some of the leaves are underneath the grapevine so it looks more natural.

3. Continue this until you run out of garland, at which point your going to secure the other end of the garland to the wreath.

4. Finally, add your lights. Its best to use battery operated ones so there is no string showing. Secure the battery box in the back of the wreath and start intertwining the lights between the garland.

5. Lastly use your twine to make a knot and its ready to hang!


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