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DIY Christmas Lantern Centerpiece

Make an easy candle centerpiece for the holiday season by filling a summer lantern with snow, candles and Christmas decorations! Centerpieces can be difficult to make and most of the time expensive but with a few at home materials you can make your own in minutes!


1. Lantern

2. Candle

3. Christmas decorations

4. Ribbon

1. To start you find a spot to which you want to set up your lantern because once you start working on you don't want to move it around.

2. I added the fake snow into the bottom first, followed by the snow covered tiny Christmas trees and then the candle in the center.

3. To add some more decor I had some wreath decorations that I wrapped up into a small circle and put around the bottom of the candle.

4. To cover up the snow in the front and give it more of a Christmas feel, I added some plaid ribbon to the bottom. Its as simple as that, fill these lanterns with whatever decorations you like. See my blog post where I filled these lanterns with Christmas village pieces and made a beautiful Christmas Scene !


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