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Cutting Board Cookbook Stand

One of the staples of our kitchen is the painted cookbook stand that sits in the corner of the counter. It makes cooking so much easier when you have something to hold up your cookbook or recipes and it stays in one place. I found that when I was cooking I would move the recipe all over and when the meal was finished the recipe was covered in food and had stains all over it, and when a recipe is that good you don't want anything to happen to the directions!

This is why this stand is so handy, it keeps the recipe standing up, clean and doesn't take up much room on your counter.

There are ways to make the cookbook cutting board stand yourself, but for the sake of time I purchased one. I have purchased them from home depot in the past but last time I purchased the plain wooden board from Amazon. Not to mention my favorite part about this project is the painting and distressing of the stand to make it match someones kitchen.

Its very simple, you start by choosing the color that matches your kitchen which will be the base of the stand. To get the distressed look you want to choose different variants of the color.

So in this case I started with a dark blue, and added in light blues, grays, whites and even some black. For some bridal showers I stuck too more of a simple distressed look, by mostly painting the edges and corners, and keeping the middle lighter. By doing that I was able to use the middle to write what I needed to.

Distressing may look difficult but its very simple. Now of course you don't need to distress, the board looks beautiful just painted by itself, but I just love anything distressed. I used sandpaper and some steel wool to achieve this effect. I started with the base and edges of the board. Then worked my way in to the center, but rolling up the sandpaper so that I was able to get to the middle. The great thing about using sandpaper or a sanding board is that depending on the amount of pressure you apply your able to undo any mistakes, sanding is basically an eraser for any errors. So any spots that are too saturated with paint, just sand them out.

When I was finished with this I hand painted the middle. This was the trickiest part for me. I have tried to use letter stencils in the past but always seem to have an issue with the spacing of the letters. So what i found best was to use a piece of paper and tape it onto the board so that it is level, then handwrite first with pencil and go over it with paint when your satisfied with the spacing. The spacing can be the trickiest part so its best to use pencil or slight brush strokes first, remember anything can be buffed out.

Ive made these beautiful stands for Christmas gifts, my engaged friends bridal and wedding shower gifts and friends housewarming gifts. Pair it with an apron or your favorite cookbook and your all set!


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