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DIY Christmas Snow Mason Jars

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Add FROST to your holiday decor with these simple SNOW Mason Jars ! This is one of my favorite holiday projects. Using epsom salt you can transform an ordinary mason jar into a beautiful holiday piece! This project is very simple that its a fun craft to do with the kids! I love that because these represent winter they can stay out all season long and bring joy to the cold and dreary winter season!

These mason jars are far from the traditional painted ones, they're bright, sparkly and a beautiful addition to your Christmas decorations!

Lets get started!


1. Mason jars

2. Epsom salt

3. Modge-podge/glue

4. Paint brush/ sponge

5. Acrylic Spray

1. To start, grab all of your materials and find a clean work space. Start by taking your mason jar and painting modge podge or any type of glue on the surface of the jar. I used the glitter modge podge to give my jars that extra sparkle! Don't overdo it with the glue, if you add too much then the glue will run and so will the salt.

2. Pour out some Epsom salt onto a plate or surface and begin to roll and dip the mason jar in the salt. Make sure you roll the jar so that all spots are covered. For me, there were a few spots where the salt wouldn't stick after rolling, so I just picked up the salt with my hands and dabbed it onto those spots. When the jar is covered and your satisfied with the look, set it aside to dry!

3. To be safe I would let the jar dry for at least an hour. After this your going to take an acrylic spray and spray the entire jar, this is going to set the salt and make sure it stays put. Its best to do this outside, because it smells like spray paint.

4. Once the jars are all dry your going to add the lights. I used one small string of LED lights. which i bunched up and stuck inside the jar. The lights are a must because they make the jars sparkle!

5. I then added twine and Christmas bells as well as some wreath pick decorations and thats it !

Id love to see everyones adaptations of this project, send your pictures and any comments or questions below! Happy crafting!

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