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Christmas Sign

I had a plain wooden sign lying around so i figured i would make it into a distressed Merry Christmas Sign and show you all the steps. Distressing wood is one of my favorite design techniques to use. Its very simple but looks more intricate. Its a very quick way to add some holiday spirit into your home.

Lets get started!


1. wooden sign

2. wreath pick

3. Paint

To start, find the position where you want to put the wreath pick. Then figure out what your writing or painting on the sign. I chose to keep it simple and just write Merry Christmas. Another great idea would be an image, like the Christmas tree covered in snow that I used for the wooden coasters.

At first I wanted to use more colors but i think it turned out beautiful by just using the white paint.

I started by painting the saying " Merry Christmas." To get it the way I wanted, I went over the paint a few times. I then let that sit and dry.

Then I took an old dried out paint brush to do the distressing. This seems odd to use such a specific type of brush but it makes the distressing look so natural. Something about the dry bristles gives it a faint amount of color which is what your looking for. By using a dry brush it allows you to add more layers which makes it look more realistic.

You start at the edge and brush inwards, never start in and move out. So in this image your moving your brush from left to right.

Then your going to add in the wreath pick. For this wooden sign I was lucky that there were slots already, so i just put the flower stem through the slot and twisted it back around so it was secure. If you don't have slots then you want to cut off the stem of the pick, and hot glue the flower pick to the board.

That's really it, its such an easy DIY especially because I had the materials at the house already. I think next ill make one with a picture instead.

What also makes this project so great is that its easily customized for every occasion and holiday, make one for thanksgiving, Easter, fourth of July!


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