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Chalk Paint Wood Coaster Ornaments

Looking for a genuine Christmas gift? Look no further, this post will showcase how to make the perfect diy ornament for your loved ones! Making a present instead of buying one is so much more sentimental and it really shows how much you care about the person if you took the time to make them something by hand. For this diy, were using wooden slice coasters bought from Michael's, to make the perfect gift ornament!

The obvious intent for these coasters for me wasn't too use them as coasters, it was too use them as ornaments. But these do look so beautiful and they're so easy, I suggest making extra and actually using them as coasters. Just adding to the reason why this is an amazing Christmas gift, give them as coasters or as ornaments.

The reason I love this gift is because it looks very professional but its a quick project and its so easily customized to the person which your giving the gift. Add a couples last name and wedding date for a heartfelt gift, or just a simple Christmas saying or image like a Christmas tree covered in snow.


1. Wooden slice coasters

2. Chalkboard paint

3. Colored paint

4. Hot glue gun

5. String/ twine

( I bought the coasters from Michael's)

Lets get started!

1. Start by painting your coasters with the chalkboard paint. Depending on the look your going for you want to get close, or not to the edges.

2. Repeat this with the other side of the coaster.

3. Let this dry well.

1. Then its time to paint your decoration on the ornament. I chose to do Christmas trees covered in snow for a rustic feel.

2. To do this, your going to draw a line down the middle, and start adding the branches. Shorter at the top and longer at the bottom while making sure the ends fray out.

3. Repeat this with the other side. Then use different shades of the green to make layers, this adds more depth to the tree.

4. To finish, with a small small amount of white your going to add the "snow." I found that using a old dry paint brush works the best because it barely shows up,and gives the snow a feathery look. Just keep dabbing the white on the ends and up towards the middle of the branches. Remember if you put too much white on just go over it with a green branch.

5. To finish add a dab of hot glue to the top and cut a piece of string. Half the string and put the middle point into the glue. Then take the open ends and tie them together.

To keep these coasters as coasters, your going to follow the same instructions but instead of gluing on the string, your going to use acrylic spray/ or modge podge to set the image. You need to finish the coasters with some sort of coating or else people will put their wet glass on it and the image will come right off!


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