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Painted Buffalo Plaid Mason Jars

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Buffalo Plaid is a staple during the holiday season and what better way to incorporate it into your holiday decorations than with these easy to make buffalo paid mason jars. One of my favorite things about the winter is the buffalo plaid design, to me it instantly reminds me of christmas. So I had the great idea to make buffalo plaid mason jars instead of just plain painted ones. Be aware that this project does take some patience, due to the design of the mason jar, painting the straight lines can be tricky! But don't be discouraged, the final outcome is so unique and beautiful!

Lets get started!

I used a buffalo plaid image from google to base my design off of when I painted.

Materials:1. Mason jar

2. Paints

3. Paint brushes

1. Start by painting the entire outside of your mason jar with the red paint. Let the first coat dry and depending on the paint you use, you may need more than one coat.

2. When the red paint is dry your going to start with painting the black lines. Paint vertical lines an equal distance from each other around your jar. I painted them about a half inch thick, but do whatever suits you. Keep in mind that this is a bit tricky because the jar is round, so just do your best with this.

3. Next, your going to paint the black horizontal lines, starting with the top, underneath the rim of the jar. Then about an inch down, another black horizontal line. Repeat this once more towards the bottom of the jar.

4. Use a dark red color for the in between squares. Since I didn't have this color I made it by mixing in a small amount of black paint into the red.

5. Your going to paint the dark red color in between each black square. Use the template from online as a guide to where to paint these squares.

7. Let this dry and once all colors are done I went back and tried to straighten out the lines. Let me say, this design is tricky especially when your trying to draw straight lines on a rounded surface. So it wont be perfect, but that's what makes it unique!

Leave your comments and questions below, Id love to see everyone's thoughts.


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